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We are pleased to announce that evaluagentCX now supports multiple languages, facilitating greater ease for contact centres worldwide to fully leverage the platform's capabilities.
evaluagentCX enhances the effectiveness of global contact centres by providing multilingual support, ensuring consistent and accurate evaluations across various languages.
Here’s what to expect:
  1. Viewing the UI in your preferred language:
    Enjoy greater visibility with a UI that speaks the same language as you. With just a click, you can customize the UI to the language you are most comfortable with.
Screenshot 2024-07-16 at 18
Screenshot 2024-07-16 at 18
  1. Automatic language detection:
    Our market-leading call transcription, automatically detects and transcribes the dominant language spoken in a call, making it ideal for multilingual environments. 
  2. Specified language transcription:
    With our specified language offering, you can identify the language you wish to have enabled on the platform especially if you need a broader range of languages.
Read our guide to get started on using multiple languages in your contact centres.
We're excited to announce our direct integration with RingCentral! This integration offers a seamless & secure sync of your support calls between RingCentral and evaluagentCX
Here's what you can expect:
  • Easy and secure set up
    : Securely authorize the connection via OAuth
  • Hourly ticket import
    : Seamlessly import calls from your RingCentral account into evaluagent
  • Powerful configuration
    : Decide how you want calls to be imported, how you want them to be displayed and how long you want them to be stored for.
Visit our set-up guide to get started with RingCentral today or visit our RingCentral page to learn more.
xNPS is evaluagent’s answer for the contact center that wants to move away from declining response rates and sample bias that’s often associated with customer surveys.
Through our new xNPS feature, we can predict, with 80-90% accuracy, the likely NPS Rating (and why!) a customer would give based on the interaction they’ve just had with your contact center – all without needing to run a survey program, saving your customers valuable time.
Read our launch blog to learn more!
As our journey to enhance and simplify our user interface picks up pace, we are thrilled to release the first steps on that journey.
This release includes three new updates to our user interface that will simplify navigation around the platform, fast track some of your critical workflows and add a little more interest and personalisation. They cover:
  • The use of profile pictures or avatars wherever a user is mentioned
  • The ability to 'create' new actions, feedback, contacts etc from anywhere in the platform
  • A simplification and refresh of the main platform banner to ensure the most useful features are easily accessible
Profile Pictures
You've been able to create your own profile picture or avatars for a while now, but with this latest update your profile images will be shown proudly across the whole platform wherever a specific user is mentioned. That might be in completed evaluations, KPI reports or evaluations themselves.
Create New Button
The create new button provides a direct short-cut to allow you to create new feedback, actions, contacts etc without needing to navigate to the specific menu option in the side-bar.
The ‘+ New’ button is visible on the main header banner from wherever you are in the evaluagent platform making it much simpler and faster to create those new assets you need.
What options you can see are controlled by the permissions that your user has. The full list currently of possible ‘new’ assets to create is as follows:
  • Feedback – create new general feedback for another user
  • Contact – create a new contact to evaluate
  • 1-to-1 – create a new 1-to-1 meeting with a member of your team
  • Action – create a new action to assign to another user
  • Meeting Request – Create a request for a meeting
  • Announcement – create a new announcement to be shared across your teams
  • Single Calibration Session – create a single one off calibration session
  • Recurring Calibration Session – create a regular recurring calibration session
  • User – create a new single user or bulk upload of users
UI Banner Simplification
The main banner within the evaluagent platform is visible from any page. We have reduced the number of icons that appear on this banner and moved the platform search tool to a much more central and prominent position so that its always there when you need to search the platform.
You'll see that the notification icon is still visible next to your profile picture but other functions such as 'Help' can now be found under your profile picture, simply click on the profile picture to access this menu.
Previously, you could only set the ability for users to query evaluations as either on or off. The setting applied equally to all roles, so if you wanted to prevent agents from raising queries then team leaders were also prevented too.
This update to the quality settings now allows you to select a little more granularity in who and raise and see queries. The expended setting found under Quality Settings > Workflow, now lets you select one of the following three states:
  • Everyone
    can raise and see queries
  • Only non-agents
    (team leaders etc) can raise and see queries
  • Or,
    no one
    can raise or see queries
This change will therefore support different approaches to managing evaluation queries depending on your specific business needs or working practices.
Available now to all accounts.
Assembled logo
We're excited to introduce our latest integration, with Assembled WFM! This integration offers seamless synchronization of QA scores and coaching sessions, leveraging WFM schedules from Assembled.
Here's what you can expect:
  • Effortless 1-2-1 Planning
    : Easily schedule 1-2-1 sessions with agents at mutually convenient times, viewing all Assembled schedules within evaluagent and vice versa.
  • Streamlined QA Score Tracking
    : Securely export new and historical QA scores from evaluagent into Assembled, enabling comprehensive tracking of agents' adherence and performance over time.
image (18)
image (19)
Key Benefits:
  • Informed Staffing Decisions
    : Make better decisions about staffing and scheduling by leveraging synchronized data.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement
    : Boost engagement with easily scheduled 1-2-1 sessions, fostering stronger connections and support for your team.
  • Operational Efficiency
    : Automate processes, saving time and allowing for a focus on improving the overall customer experience.
Visit our guide to get started!
We are happy to unveil an update to our feedback process, designed to help you track and manage feedback about your team members. This enhancement, has been inspired by invaluable insights from our active community of customers.
The Problem It Solves:
Our current feedback workflow lacked a crucial component: the ability to track whether Team Leaders and Managers had seen, acted upon, and acknowledged vital feedback about their team members.
Introducing The Solution:
We are pleased to introduce a simple yet powerful solution to this challenge: Feedback Acknowledgement. With this enhancement, Team Leaders can now easily acknowledge feedback about their team members with just a click of a button.
Quality Feedback Analysis
Here's how it works:
  • Upon acknowledging feedback, the profile picture of the respective Team Leader will be visibly stamped against the specific feedback entry. This provides a clear visual indicator that the feedback has been seen and actioned.
C-Feedback reveiwed by you
  • Multiple users can acknowledge the same piece of feedback, allowing for comprehensive tracking and accountability.
  • For those who want to delve deeper into feedback management metrics, we've integrated the acknowledgement status into our downloadable CSV reports. Now, you can effortlessly track how many feedback items have been acknowledged by your leadership team, empowering you with actionable insights to drive continuous improvement.
Stay tuned for even more functionality in the pipeline! In the near future, we'll be incorporating this acknowledgement feature as a key performance indicator (KPI) in our SmartView Dashboard, enabling you to seamlessly monitor feedback engagement and responsiveness at a glance.
We believe that this enhancement will not only streamline your feedback management processes but also foster a culture of accountability and continuous improvement across your organization.
We will shortly be releasing an enhancement to the current user management capabilities that enables you to bulk activate users that are in pending.
What is a pending user?
Pending users are users that have been connected to the EvaluAgent platform via a third party system using technologies such as System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM). 
Pending users do not consume an EvaluAgent user licence and have no roles, permissions or login access assigned. They therefore can not log into and use the EvaluAgent platform until they have been activated.
What does the activation process do?
Activation of pending users will move them from a pending state into an active state. This means that the users will be:
  • Assigned a role or roles
  • Assigned a team or reporting level
  • Be given permissions to login to the EvaluAgent platform
All activated users will consume a user licence.
Bulk Activation
The bulk activation enhancement will enable you to select one or more pending users who will have the same role and or team, configure and activate them with just a few clicks.
Pending Users - Multi-Select
Previously you would need to do this one user at a time, so this enhancement will save administrators time in managing pending users and reduce the 'click' milage required.
Pending Users - Configuring Agents
Speed up the evaluation process and ensure the correct scorecard and evaluation mode are always used when evaluations are assigned via an AutoWorkQueue.
How does it work?
When building an AutoWorkQueue you will now have the option to assign an evaluation mode and/or scorecard. If the evaluation mode and scorecard have been defined within the AutoWorkQueue then these are pre-populated for the evaluator when they arrive on the evaluation screen - saving time and reducing the risk of human error.
We hope you enjoy this small quality of life enhancement.
If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team.
zendesk user
User sync is a powerful new feature designed to seamlessly import and periodically update user data from 3rd-party platforms into Evaluagent. i.e we help you import your users from your existing platforms (e.g Zendesk) and keep your user information up to date. E.g when an agent's name changes after marriage it gets updated in Evaluagent
The first implementation of user sync (beta) is on Zendesk and our existing Zendesk customers will be able to use this now
Click here to learn more about user sync.
Contact your Account manager to get started now!
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