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User sync is a powerful new feature designed to seamlessly import and periodically update user data from 3rd-party platforms into Evaluagent. i.e we help you import your users from your existing platforms (e.g Zendesk) and keep your user information up to date. E.g when an agent's name changes after marriage it gets updated in Evaluagent
The first implementation of user sync (beta) is on Zendesk and our existing Zendesk customers will be able to use this now
Click here to learn more about user sync.
Contact your Account manager to get started now!
Announcing the release of Smartgroups for Custom Reporting Groups that enables you to create dynamic reporting groups based on a condition(s) of your choice.
SmartGroups can be built alongside the existing manual custom reporting groups you may already use and will be available in reporting and dashboards just as these groups do today.
SmartGroups have the added benefit of taking away the manual updating of these groups by automatically updating group membership based on a condition(s) that you define.
So for example, you can create a condition that will identify any agents that have a employment start date within the last 90 days. Every 24 hours, SmartGroups will check your group membership against this condition and add or remove agents that no longer meet this condition.
You therefore get only the agents you want in your custom reporting groups.
Other examples you can build conditions for include:
Like manual custom reporting groups, you can have as many SmartGroups as you wish.
SmartGroups are available under
User Management > Custom Reporting Groups
Thanks to your feedback, we have just released an update to SmartView custom dashboards that will allow you to temporarily change the filters on all your widgets with a master filter.
The master filter is available across all your personalised dashboards and will enable you to change the following for all your widgets:
The master filter when selected will apply your selections to all widgets in the currently active dashboard temporarily, so you can compare your dashboard metrics across different teams and different reporting periods quickly and easily.
When you've finished, just simply click on revert or navigate away from your selected dashboard and all changes will be reverted.
We have launched our new Community product which introduces three exciting features:
We are happy to announce the release of the Freshservice Integration v1.0, a direct integration designed to streamline your QA process by seamlessly connecting Freshservice and Evaluagent.
Key Features:For detailed installation and configuration instructions, please refer to our guide
We've just added a great improvement to the Category Performance report - trends! You'll find the icon at the end of the row in the report.
We're thrilled to introduce Sentiment Analytics - [BETA] to enhance your conversation insights across all transcribed calls and tickets with lots more exciting functionality (such as the ability to filter by sentiment) coming soon.
How to Activate Sentiment Analytics
If you're eager to leverage this powerful feature, contact your customer success manager or our support team to enable it on your account. Once activated, all conversations from the activation date will be automatically analyzed. You can also deactivate this feature by submitting a support request.
For more information about the release and associated permissions, please read this help article
Over the course of the last two months, we've made several minor enhancements to eLearing (such as Quiz Timers and Mandatory Video Watching), significant improvements to Notifications and even found time to launch some new exciting features, including; Quiz Battles and Badges.
For more information on how to use these new features, check out our range of new help articles over on
Welcome to the new EvaluAgent dashboard experience that enables you to view the insights that matter most to you and streamline your workflow with personalised dashboards.
SmartView Custom Dashboards will replace the existing default dashboard that you see when logging into the EvaluAgent platform
SmartView Custom Dashboards enables you to create your own personalised dashboards that contain just the information and key performance indicators that most interest you. You can create multiple dashboards all with a different focus if you wish.
What is a SmartView Custom Dashboard?
The new SmartView Custom Dashboard is a simple to use toolset to enable you to build multiple dashboards that are personalised to your individual needs.
Each dashboard is made up of a grid that can be populated with widgets that display the metrics and visualisations you choose.
What is a Widget?
Widgets are the components ('Tiles') that make up your dashboard. Each widget will be a visual representation of a metric (for example quality score or pass rate) that you define. You can customise your widgets to show these metrics at a reporting level or time period that you choose.
What metrics can I visualise?
On the first release of SmartView Custom Dashboards you will be able to visualise a limited set of metrics from within the EvaluAgent platform. However, over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more and more metrics for you to use.
Some metrics will enable you to choose all visualisation types, while others may limit you to just one specific view.
What will you be able to do initially?
The New SmartView Custom Dashboards in its current released version will allow you to do the following:For a more detailed overview of SmartView, please refer to the 'Introducing SmartView' Guide which also includes links to other SmartView related user guides.
A small enhancement enabling everyone to set their own profile picture and view some of their details such as their timezone, username, length of employment and roles they hold
Click here for the user guide
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