You can now import conversation notes from Intercom into Evaluagent. This update allows you to import the following information from the conversation notes section on Intercom:
  • Text
  • Attachments (images & docs)
  • Agent Name (person who made the note)
  • Timestamp
  • Tag(s)
Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 11
We have released an Injixo WFM integration. The release will be helpful for users who want to drive continual improvement through
in a connected workflow with Injixo. This capability will integrate Agent schedules created in Injixo with the EvaluAgent calendar capability, helping teams make productive use of the time available
The configuration guide can be found here. To use the integration browse to Conversations>>Integrations>>WFM Integrations and select
You can now use the Zendesk CSAT data as part of a filter within the imported contacts view.
Zendesk CSAT Filter 2
Simply navigate to the imported contacts and filters view under the conversations menu and create a new filter using the CSAT rating options under your Zendesk fields.
This will enable you to create your own custom filters based on a your CSAT responses.
We have released an improved Aircall integration. This release will enable you to play and evaluate call recordings from Aircall directly in Evaluagent. It also provides support for Aircall customers who wish to use
services from Evaluagent.
To use the integration browse to
and select Aircall
Just a little addition to the evaluation view that enables you to maximise the screen space that a scorecard occupies to help you focus on just the scorecard.
This works either during an evaluation or when viewing an already completed evaluation. For those evaluators that only want to focus on the scorecard during evaluations this icon will remove all the other windows, including the conversation thread and the summary bar – so giving as much screen space to the scorecard as possible. Luckily the icon is nice and discreet so if you don't want your scorecards maximised it won't get in your way.
Scorecard normal view - blurred
The default view will still remain unchanged - until you press that 'maximise' icon.
When in maximised view, simply click the icon again to return everything back to the default view
Scorecard maximised view blurred
We have just released a beta version of our Genesys Cloud integration. This release will enable you to evaluate call recordings from Genesys Cloud CX.
This initial release just supports calls, however further integrations for chat and WFM are planned.
The configuration guide can be found here. To use the integration browse to Conversations>Integrations and select Genesys Cloud
We have released the
of our Calendar capability which is now available within 1-to-1s under
My 1-to-1s
You can now manage 1-to-1s using a fully interactive Calendar view. This includes the ability to view individual team member calendars side by side. Simply select an additional calendar in the
Available calendars
drop down.
Calendar capability
We now support version
of the Intercom API. Users can now select the version appropriate to their Intercom setup and use that data in any conversations that are imported into Evaluagent.
In the Intercom integration setup use the
dropdown to select your Intercom API version. 
We have released an Amazon Connect integration. This release will be helpful for anyone who wants to evaluate
call recordings
chat transcriptions
from Amazon Connect.
The configuration guide can be found here. To use the integration browse to Conversations>>Integrations and select
Amazon Connect
The holiday season is upon us! And for all EvaluAgent users, we’re delighted to be able to bring you an early gift.
A BETA release of…Badges!
Our first step towards greater Gamification inside EvaluAgent, and a brand-new feature designed to recognize and reward agents when Evaluators believe they have gone above and beyond the expected standard defined in your QA scorecard.
What’s a badge?
Built on the back of user feedback, a badge is a sign of recognition that can be attached to an evaluation. Holding no numerical value or impacting how an evaluation is scored, a badge can be awarded to an agent, in addition to their evaluation result.
For example, say an agent has scored 100% on an evaluation but throughout the conversation, you can see they have gone the extra mile, maybe they have personalized the service for a customer, shown enthusiasm or resolved a complex query swiftly showing exceptional knowledge. In this instance you may want to show recognition above a 100% pass mark, this is where badges come in.
Upon publication of the evaluation, Agents will receive a notification as well as see it on their Agent Insights report.
This BETA release is just the start. To read more, check out this launch blog from our product marketing team.
And of course, we'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free share your ideas, and Agent reactions!
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