For the last few weeks, our product and engineering teams have been working hard on optimising the speed of EvaluAgent as we look to improve loading times and ensure the overall user experience continues to delight.
We've made great strides in the first week of this ongoing project - you may have already felt the benefits of these improvements.
We have positioned our energies around some of the 'quick wins' with the view to making a big difference across many parts of EvaluAgent in our first week. We're now moving towards a more laser-focused approach on specific features to root out any issues causing slowness and make sure that EvaluAgent continues to feel fast.
Our performance team are also going to be considering some of the user experience enhancements that we can implement so that not only will EA be fast, it'll also continue to be the most convenient QA tool out there.
This is where you can help us AND make your EA experience even better. We want to hear from you about any parts of the system that feels unnaturally slow, or any processes that take five clicks to complete, but feel like they could be done in two. Let us know - either via the support channels or submit a request right here!