The holiday season is upon us! And for all EvaluAgent users, we’re delighted to be able to bring you an early gift.
A BETA release of…Badges!
Our first step towards greater Gamification inside EvaluAgent, and a brand-new feature designed to recognize and reward agents when Evaluators believe they have gone above and beyond the expected standard defined in your QA scorecard.
What’s a badge?
Built on the back of user feedback, a badge is a sign of recognition that can be attached to an evaluation. Holding no numerical value or impacting how an evaluation is scored, a badge can be awarded to an agent, in addition to their evaluation result.
For example, say an agent has scored 100% on an evaluation but throughout the conversation, you can see they have gone the extra mile, maybe they have personalized the service for a customer, shown enthusiasm or resolved a complex query swiftly showing exceptional knowledge. In this instance you may want to show recognition above a 100% pass mark, this is where badges come in.
Upon publication of the evaluation, Agents will receive a notification as well as see it on their Agent Insights report.
This BETA release is just the start. To read more, check out this launch blog from our product marketing team.
And of course, we'd love to hear your feedback so please feel free share your ideas, and Agent reactions!