Very exciting. We've just added Line Item Groups, a new way for you to report a combined score, from multiple line items from across your scorecard library.
Watch this 4-minute from our lead engineer, James Stewart talk you through this new feature, or continue reading to learn more…
By grouping line items together, you can easily view, track and trend the combined result from similar line items in a way that wasn't possible before.
For example, if each of your scorecards has an "Identity and verify the customer" line item, with the same 2-point scoring template, it would make sense to group these and view all the results in a single metric so you understand the average performance across all your contact channels/scorecards.
What's the difference between Line Item Groups and the Category Performance Report?
Line Item Groups will allow you to get even more granular reporting on the performance of specific line items across all scorecards in your account. While Categories are useful to broadly apply across different types of line items, Line Item Groups give you more control over exactly what you want to track in your scorecards. Plus, unlike categories, it's very easy to update your Line Item Group at any point to include more or less Line Items.
Line Item Groups can be set up by clicking the "Line Item Groups" from within our Line Item Performance Report. From there you can create, edit and delete line item groups. Please note: the feature comes with a permission 'Manage Line Item Groups', which must be enabled to create / edit / delete Line Item Groups, but anyone with access to view the Line Item Performance report can view the new report.