Would it be possible within the section where you reply to a query (decide if you are changing your score and type up and comments) that you have the option of selecting from a list of categories as to why when a query was overturned it was.
It is usually viewed that when a query is overturned that it is due to the auditor marking the call incorrectly, however there can be numerous reasons as to why the score was changed e.g. new evidence was provided, there had been a change to process or the advisor was given incorrect information from their manager etc. As a result, this means the % edited column within the queries tab on the evaluators performance page can be taken that the auditor was wrong X% of the time unless you go into each query separately to get an understanding of that situation.
What would be great is if these categories could be added so that we could delve into that % edited column to see the make up of that overall score e.g. 25% Error in scoring, 25% Additional information provided and 50% Change in process. Then if one of those categories was of interest, you click on it and it pulls up all the queries that relate to that category.
Finally another feature my team would find very beneficial would be if in the query reporting it showcased the questions that have been queried most frequently and then subsequently changed. This would allow us to identify potential knowledge gaps within our team with regards to questions being marked incorrectly and then fix this to reduce the number of queries being generated to begin with. It would also be great that if the query categories could be implemented, that it would link into this request too so that questions scored incorrectly could be specifically targeted.
I have already spoken all the above through with Reg at Evaluagent and he has suggested highlighting my request here to gauge the appetite of the wider Evaluagent audience.
Hope this all makes sense, feel free to get in touch if you want me to elaborate on anything